Compact Deluxe Extractor


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Product Description

This extractor is the biggest bang for your buck. Standard on this extractor is the Side Crank, a tremendous improvement to the old small crank. Clipped to the bottom of this extractor is a bottling tank. When you are extracting, the honey will drain down through a stainless steel strainer into the bottling tank attached to the bottom. The tank has handles to easily lift it on to the counter top for bottling. Comes with a lid to keep debris from falling into the tank while the honey settles. The tank is 18/10, 22-gauge stainless steel with a diameter of 16″.

The extractor will handle 4 shallow (5 3/8″), 4 medium (6 1/4″), or two brood frames (9 1/8″) each time you extract.


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